Friday, August 26, 2011

The Forager

dailyhelen_wors by dailyhelen
What do we have here? Exactly my question when Thomas brought in the first piece of droe wors at 4am this morning. Forty-five minutes later he came in with the second piece. Both times he was squeaking with so much excitement and pride I had to see what he was up to. I confiscated both pieces - this is him finding them again on the kitchen counter this morning. Over the last few months he has developed a habit of foraging for meat products; he has brought back a whole cooked chicken drumstick, a piece of braaied boerewors, three mini vienna sausages, a meatball, a piece of dried fish, and several bones and bits of carcass. That's just what made it inside - I've also found various bits and pieces in my garden. Last week there was a short rib left next to my gate. He is incorrigible. Where is he getting this stuff?!
~ A year ago today I was taking Viral Choice ~

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  1. Ohhh, that is too cute, Helen!

    Can't you see, he's "bringing home the bacon" (or the wors, or the chicken, or whatever he thinks you'll like).

    He's trying to look after you by feeding you. And possibly telling you that you need more protein in your diet. ;-)

    What a clever kitty!