Monday, October 13, 2014


I had to go to the dentist today. My worst! 

~ A year ago today I was visiting a garden ~


  1. You poor thing. I feel your pain.
    As horrid as it sounds...I'd rather see my GYN 3-times a week than visit the dentist. EEK! :D

    On July 4th. my precious 16-mth. old grandson hit me in the mouth with his little head and broke a tooth. The cost to replace said tooth was astronomical. :( I thought he'd broke my nose at first but nope...was my tooth. I just wish it had been my nose. ha. I absolute hate how the tooth feels. The implant is still painful and wonky feeling to me. And they had a hard time matching the color. 3-trips my tooth flew to CA. and back before I just couldn't take anymore and said...I'll take it. *sigh*. As you can tell I hate the dentist. I think if my ears weren't so close to my head so you hear every little sound. ;)
    I went for a cleaning last week and now another appt. for a replacement filling. Oh the joy of having teeth.

    I guess it could be worse. I guess.

  2. What an ordeal!

    I've had a full-blown dentist phobia since I was a kid. I have a tooth that grew without enamel and so is very sensitive and has to be filled/crowned. The old filling fell out and now has to be replaced - so that's what I am dealing with now. At least two more visits required in coming weeks. I hate every aspect of it, but just have to endure. Urgh!