Friday, October 4, 2013

Face at the Window

dailyhelen_facewindow by dailyhelen
This white cat has been hanging around for the last few months. This week, without Trixie here to guard the window, it has become a complete pest. It's in my flat all the time, mewing outside the door when I get up, waiting on the steps when I get home. Stressing me out a great deal! I'm not ready to take on another animal! 
~ A year ago today I was at the market


  1. Maybe the kitty senses your grief and is trying to make you smile, or is missing Trixie too. Such a sad thing to have happen. It sure has a sweet face and beautiful eyes. I understand the not being ready to take on another when your heart still belongs somewhere else. Been there, done that and it takes time. I'm so sorry about Trixie.

  2. Thanks again, Jake. I'm missing Trixie so much today!
    But I am warming to this little mischief maker. He (she?) seems to be a good buddy to Thomas - even though he sneaks in and steals his food!