Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Snake

dailyhelen_snake by dailyhelen
First thing I had to deal with when I got home today was removing a snake that Thomas had brought in and was playing with in my living room. Fortunately it was easy enough to catch in a tupperware. *Shudder* I hate snakes.
~ A year ago today I was having lunch with friends


  1. Oh my!!! "Shudder" is the word and I can think of another one...."Screaming". And a body dance called "Jumping up and down". And another called "Running for your life". The worst one is called "Passing out".
    How in the world did you hold it together long enough to catch the thing? We had a lizard in the house this summer *came in when hubby opened the slider door* and I stayed standing on the sofa for a couple of hours until he finally caught it. :D

    Glad Thomas didn't put it on or in the bed for a surprise for you. eek.

    Jake's a Girl

  2. awww, but its only a slug eater, perfectly harmless- unless you're a slug , of course.

  3. I reckoned it was either a slug eater or a baby mole snake. Harmless maybe, but still not welcome inside my house ;-)

  4. Ha! To me all snakes are man/woman eaters. :D