Tuesday, December 17, 2013


dailyhelen_scandinavian by dailyhelen
Last couple of weeks I've been watching Wallander. Kenneth Branagh is great in it and I love the bleak scenery, the gritty stories and gloomy mood.
~ A year ago today I was reading in my garden


  1. Caught this on Netflix. Loved it. Once started I watched the whole series. I was surprised at how emotional KB was/is in this show. The other evening I finished up The Bletchley Circle & Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and I'm loved them, too!

    How is the Scandal watching going? Oh my goodness! The holiday ending was fantastic...Can hardly wait until it comes back in Feb.


  2. I've still watched only S1 of Scandal, but I plan to get stuck into S2 soon.
    Hadn't heard of the other two series you mentioned, but googled them and they are *just up my street*. I love historical shows. Will definitely look out for them - thanks for the recommendation, Jake!
    So much to watch - wish I had more hours in my day ;-)

  3. You're Welcome. :) I think you'll really like them. The Bletchley Circle was superb. I flinched a little on occasion as it's set in the times when some men thought women only came with one brain cell *I'm sure some still do* but these women were amazing.
    Big fan of historical shows also. They are my favorites.