Thursday, May 29, 2014


I'm now watching Vikings. It's violent but very watchable.

~ A year ago today I was working at my colleague's desk


  1. Tis on my list but haven't given it a go as of yet. We have one coming on on Friday with John Malkovich *which I love* called Crossbones and he's playing Blackbeard. Looks so interesting and bloody. Looking forward to watching this one.

    I think I have 9-shows on my summer watch list.

  2. I looked up Crossbones... yes, it looks fantastic. Let me know if you enjoy it. I think we have similar tastes in tv shows :)

  3. I will. And I think we do, too. :) I tend to lean toward these types of shows over comedies. We only watch 2-comedies and they are ... The Big Bang Theory & The Middle. The rest are murder mysteries or fantasy. We love Grimm. And I'm a fan of Grey's Anatomy. I like doctor/hospital shows but hubby doesn't. He says they have to much lovey/dovey stuff and not enough mystery/murder or shoot outs. haha. I'll let you know about Crossbones. I hope it's a good one.

    Did you ever watch The Killings? I read online that Netflix is bringing it back for its last season starting 8-1...or so they say last. I can't wait! Another looking promising is The Strain. I'm never going to get out from in front of the TV or Computer. :D

  4. We watched Crossbones. It was very good and Blackbeard is MEAN. His is very mistrustful, doesn't mind killing the innocent and not so innocent. Next week looks even better. JM is the perfect bad guy.

  5. I can imagine John Malkovich is relishing the role! I will definitely look out for that show.
    The Strain looks interesting too. And yes, I loved the last season of The Killing and am so glad there is more coming.
    I'm not crazy about fantasy/fairytale shows - I gave Grimm a try but it really wasn't my thing. Ditto Once Upon A Time.
    Never watched Grey's. Can't think of any medical shows I've watched actually (apart from House several years ago). I guess I'm just more drawn to historical shows and dramas!