Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tea Light Tree

Been visiting a lot of churches as a tourist this last week. Of course many people visit them for religious purposes, often lighting a candle at the altar. I like the candles a lot.

~ A year ago today I was playing with my cat


  1. I love old churches. I think about all the life there. Sermons, Prayers, Teachings, Salvation, Love, Forgiveness, Christenings, and then Funerals. I bet Rome has some amazing churches.

    My friend in England sends me pic's of old churches from her walks.

  2. I like churches too, even though I'm not at all religious. Rome had hundreds (literally!) from enormous to tiny, grand to plain. After the bustle of the city they are wonderfully cool and quiet and peaceful. And as you say, you can sometimes feel the history.