Tuesday, November 4, 2014

H4 Shoot

They were filming Homeland in my neighbourhood today. A fleet of trucks and gazillions of extras - and pouring rain. 

~ A year ago today I had Royals on repeat ~


  1. How neat. Did it make you want to jump in there and be and extra?
    A lady on one of my talk bb's. had the crew of the next "Magic Mike" movie next door to her beach house.
    Wasn't happy because not one hot bod did she see. haha. I had to look it up cause I didn't know what MM was.
    I'm so behind.

  2. Forgot to add. Did you know that "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" 2nd. season is on Netflix? Can't wait to see what the saucy Miss Fisher is getting caught up in. Just one more thing added to my list to watch.

  3. I didn't have the chance to go and have a closer look at the goings-on up the road. Not that they let you anywhere near, as you friend with the beach house found :-)

    I've seen the second MFMM already - it's so much fun! Apparently they're filming a third season right now for showing in 2015. Yay!

  4. Oh you cheater!! :D :D I think i'll get an episode in some time tonight. Glad to hear it was a good season.
    Don't know if you watched Crossing Lines. But it showed this summer and our NBC decided not to show it.
    So upset. Loved that little gem. Hoping NF decides to air it as they have the 1st. season. Will see. I hate
    when they do that.