Sunday, November 17, 2013


dailyhelen_frosting by dailyhelen
This afternoon I had a bunch of friends over for tea. I baked a cake for the occasion, and made Swiss meringue buttercream icing for it. Bit of a palaver.... First I whisked egg white and sugar in bowl over simmering water until the sugar melted and the mixture thickened. Then I beat further, til cool, then began to add butter, block at a time. Beat, beat, beat.  Lastly I folded in homemade pineapple curd for flavour. The icing went onto a coconut pound cake, and I sprinkled toasted coconut on top. It wasn't awful.
~ A year ago today I was watching butterflied in a garden


  1. I've never had Swiss meringue buttercream icing...But...I love buttercream icing! yummy. I love it on my cream cheese pound cake or chocolate pound cake. My favorite is cream cheese icing on my carrot cake. Oh! Now I want cake. ha.
    btw...That cake looks wonderful!


  2. Thank you. I think cream cheese icing is my favourite too!