Sunday, February 23, 2014

Afternoon in the Garden

dailyhelen_gardenbridge by dailyhelen
Friends and I made our way to Kirstenbosch today for a late afternoon picnic. As always it was lovely to be there. We could hear the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra concert in the background.
~ A year ago today my little kittie was being a sweetheart


  1. I'm envious. ;) Hubby and I cleaned out the basement garage today. yuck.

    I noticed one of your friends has on a jacket. Has it cooled off some there? You wouldn't believe but the last two days have been beautiful. Last week snow and yesterday and today temps at 70*. Too warm for Feb. I hear cold weather is headed back this way later in the week. So old man winter is still hanging around.

  2. Good to enjoy a few good days between the bad!
    Yes, jackets! Bit of wind, and cooler temps yesterday. Like you, we have more typical weather later this week though. Temps in the mid 30C again by Thursday I believe.