Thursday, February 6, 2014

In the Aisles

dailyhelen_eastereggs by dailyhelen
At the supermarket today I saw rows and rows of Easter eggs. No, just no! Easter is over two months away!
~ A year ago today my Tom cat was waiting for me


  1. Yep. Here too. Cadbury Crème Eggs. YUCK! My son loves them. But I can't imagine eating one. Not even the chocolate/caramel filled ones. I have a thing about eggs.
    Isn't it amazing how early they stock for the next holiday? As soon as Jan 1st. hit we were seeing Valentine's cards and candy. We haven't even had time to pass out our hearts and it's time to give someone and egg. ;)
    *this past year we were seeing Christmas in June and we will probably see it earlier this year*


  2. When I rule the world none of this nonsense will be allowed until three weeks before the event!

  3. You got my vote, Miss Helen! :)