Monday, June 30, 2014

Heating Pad

My colleague got me this electric hot water bottle / heating pad whatsit. It's a peculiar thing and the packaging is rather hilarious. I'm not sure at all sure how safe it is.

~ A year ago today I was looking at photographs of seagulls


  1. We have a heating pad but not one with water. Can't wait to hear how it turns out...hubby *the gadget man* would love one I'm sure. :) I bet the cats would love it. My cousin said the only time one of her cats love her is when her back is hurting and she uses her heating pad then he turns into Mr. Snuggles. Fickle little things. :D

  2. Typical cat behaviour :)
    I'm keeping mine away from the cats. Concerned that they might kneed the bottle and thereby puncture it so that the liquid (is it water, or some sort of gel? I don't know!) would escape.