Friday, June 6, 2014

Snip Snip

Today I had a much-needed haircut.

~ A year ago today I was struggling to find a good book to read


  1. Whoa! You did get a hair cut. I remember the pic. you posted of how long it had gotten.
    A weight lifted? ;) Still spiking my here. I hate the new haircut feel but give me 2-weeks in and it's perfect.
    Still wish I could just pull it up and out of the way on hot days. And let me tell you HOT is the word...and humid. ick.
    I'm already ready for winter. ha.

  2. Short haircuts don't work for me unfortunately - hair's too thick, it just goes bushy. Would love if I could though - long hair is so much more work. Mine is medium length now - still long enough to tie back, but only just. So much lighter!