Monday, June 9, 2014

White Woodstock

We had three hailstorms today. The last one was a big'un. 

~ A year ago today I was sitting in front of a fire


  1. How do you spell "hard water"? Ice. :D Pretty though. We've gotten snow thunder here before. Weird for it to be snowing like crazy and getting thunder & lightening too.
    Is this usual for you guys to get hailstorms in winter or colder weather? Do you get snow in Cape Town? The mountains around here get lots more than we do. They get snow and we get rain.

  2. Much the same here actually. The mountains of the Western Cape get some snow, so its not usual to see white caps in the distance. But no snow in Cape Town itself, just lots and lots of rain all through the winter. Very occasionally (like once a decade) Table Mountain might get a light dusting of snow - it happened last winter!
    We don't get hail very often, just a handful of times a year. Storms with thunder and lightening not too common here either. (Different story elsewhere in the country where storms and hail happen much more often). Wish we had more... I love storms!
    This winter might be a severe one if the the last few weeks are an indication of what's to come.