Tuesday, January 28, 2014


dailyhelen_rawalmonds by dailyhelen
Snacking on raw almonds today. I feel a bit fragile after a nasty migraine last night, and my tummy is queasy from the painkillers I took. I hope I feel better tomorrow.
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  1. Feel better soon! Nothing worse. Do you take prescription meds or over the counter? The prescription meds makes my heart rate out of sight. I have to stick with my Tylenol/ your Paracetamol for the awful pain. As I get ye ol' migraines too.
    I have them with aura's also. Crazy winding looking things in my eyes and my vision will be terrible. When it clears i'll have a massive headache. My head is always feels sore for a day or two after.


  2. You poor thing, that sounds awful. I get them only very occasionally (maybe two or three times a year) and only once or twice ever with a touch of visual disturbance. Was horrible! I do always get extremely light sensitive though.
    I take strong over-the-counter meds (the ones with codeine). Not sure if it's because of the migraine or the medication, but I usually feel pretty delicate for at least a day afterwards.

  3. I feel sorry for anyone who suffers these terrible things. My sister and niece have them much worse than I do. Breaks my heart to see them in such pain. My niece is now going through the botox treatment to see if she can get some release.
    It's probably the codeine that makes your tummy queasy. Pain meds always leave me feeling icky and on edge. But when I have to take them I just suffer the side effects. :( Hope your muchly better today!