Thursday, January 9, 2014


dailyhelen_suede by dailyhelen
My current purse. It's a couple of years old now, and looking a bit scruffy.
~ A year ago today my cat was sick


  1. Is that all you carry, Miss Helen? I think my purse weighs a good 20-lbs by itself. eek. My wallet *the one that kinda looks like yours* is
    Love-er-ly! When I finally found one I really loved...I bought about 5-of them to make sure for my lifetime I'd have The One. ;)
    I'm so picky about purses' and wallets.


  2. Hee, different terminology in use over here! What you call a wallet we call a purse, and what you call I purse we call a handbag ;-)
    Good idea to buy more than one of the things you like though. I may another of my current handbag which I am really liking.