Friday, January 31, 2014


dailyhelen_stop by dailyhelen
My car's thermometer informed me it was 37 degrees in a covered underground parking lot this afternoon. Way hotter outside. The radio station happened to be scrolling 'stop'. Seemed appropriate! 
~ A year ago today my shoulder was sore


  1. Warm weather is sounding really good right now. ;) Even though I love the cold. Every time I see your beach days pictures I think Oh! lucky girl. I've shown my hubby a few of your pic's and he said, It's beautiful where she lives. I think
    so too. Enjoy your warm days.

    We are finally at 40* today after of 8*-19* for the last week. The snow is almost totally gone. Yep. Snow in our little area of the south. Atlanta is 90-miles south of us and was hit hard too with terrible results. Our son was stuck in traffic for 7-hours before finally making his way home. Not quite as bad as some of the poor travelers. Glad to know things are getting back to normal. 52* tomorrow with rain back in the forecast.

    Happy Weekend,

  2. I've heard about your unusually miserable weather. You poor things - not fun for all those affected. I'm sure you've relieved that the cold snap is over, for now anyway.
    Fortunately our heat wave only lasted a day or so - this weekend has been much milder (the wind has cooled things off). February is often our hottest month, though, so am watching the forecasts closely. I don't cope with temps over 35C at all well!