Thursday, January 2, 2014


dailyhelen_killer by dailyhelen
I've been watching The Killing. It's super-intense. Good acting too, particularly from Peter Sarsgaard.
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  1. I can't believe it! Me too!!! Just finished the third season. Did read where Netflix made a deal to do a round up season of 6-episode's. The show has been cancelled after every season but kicked back up due to the viewers complaints and Netflixs' interest.
    Ray *Peter S* might not be the best man but I ended up feeling so sorry for him. Isn't he fantastic in this.
    Love Holder! He is so comical. Now for Linden...there have been a few times I could have yanked her hair. ;)
    The girl *Bullet* is now playing on Arrow and basically the same kind of character. She makes the perfect street urchin.
    They really do play it well in keep you guessing who the murderer was. If you've gotten that far...Were you surprised at who it was?
    I can't wait for the 6-episode wrap up.


  2. I am SO GLAD they are making more episodes. It would be terrible to leave it as Season 3 ends!
    The second to last episode concluding the Ray storyline was absolutely riveting and very moving. Brilliantly acted by all, especially Sarsgaard (he's been a favourite of mine ever since Shattered Glass and Garden State).
    The last episode was a little disappointing (until that ending!). Linden is indeed something of a trying character (an understatement!) - even when I sympathize with her she does such silly things. But Holden is golden - I just love him. So funny and sassy, and then just incredibly sweet and tender with the little boy, and everything to do with Bullet just broke my heart. I watched a few episodes of Arrow on a plane last year and they were good - I think I may have to give that series a go sometime.
    So much good tv to watch, so little time!

  3. I actually cried when Bullet died! I was so upset. When Linden was trying to keep Holder from looking in the trunk of the car my heart broke. And let me assure you...I wouldn't have lost an ounce of sleep at the Lt. Creeps death. I'd have shot him several more times just for measure. ha. What a lowlife. Never been a fan of his. This show really knew how to wring out the emotions.