Saturday, March 22, 2014

Curios by the Seaside

dailyhelen_curios by dailyhelen
As always we saw the vendors selling their wares down in Simon's Town when we went for our weekly swim. Water was chilly today! 
~ A year ago today I bought a new dressing gown


  1. We have a store here called Pier 1. They use to sell tons of the same things. Still do but not as much as they use to. I love masks but don't own any. My new grandson's nursery is Giraffe themed. Although I have to say the one painted on his little dresser looks a little demented. ;)
    The scenery behind the stall looks absolutely LOVELY! It has rained off and on here but today was in the 60's and partly sunny.
    Summer is coming. Man I hate to sweat. ha.

  2. Giraffes is a fantastic theme for a baby room!
    Summer is ending here. I am enjoying the change of season, but also feel sad about the end of my weekly swims. Might still manage another few weeks before it gets too cold.