Friday, September 5, 2014


Some of the lovely things I received for my birthday this week. 

~ A year ago today I was taking photos of my cat


  1. Oh! Happy Birthday Miss Helen. Sweet gifts.
    You won't believe this but mine was the 4th.

  2. We share a birthday :-)
    Hope you had a happy day and everything of the best for the year ahead!

  3. Now I can't believe this. Your birthday is on the 4th.?! :D I couldn't share a birthday with a nicer person then! I don't know anyone who has my birthday ... Now I do even if she's a world away.

    Had an ok birthday. Been under the weather and a doctor's visit with shots and meds was my gift. So next week sometime.. me, hubby, sisters and their spouses will have a dinner out to celebrate the passing of another BD.

  4. Not much fun to be unwell on your birthday. Hope you feel better soon Jake, and have a super belated celebration.

    I've only met two others who share the 4th. And Beyonce of course, haha!