Monday, September 22, 2014

Green Eyed Monster

There's nothing about this cat that I don't love (except that he isn't mine).

~ A year ago today I was baking


  1. Awww...Those little tufted ears, spots on his nose and he looks like he's smiling for the camera. Too sweet. Can you kidnap him? I'm always fascinated by the eyes. My auntie has a white cat with a startling lime green eye and the other is a azure blue. He's really beautiful.

    Oh! Miss Helen...Today is the first day of fall and guess what? The weather behaved herself today. A sky of beauty blue and temps that would make you cry. ;) Just an absolute beautiful perfect fall day. We don't get many of those as they are rare in these parts.

    Know what I did all day? Stayed inside painting my niece's new baby crib. 7-straight hours of painting rails. I told my sister to call her over then tie her to a chair so I could come beat her up. hahaha. Tomorrow the things gets the second coat. Then the sanding and antiquing. Good thing I love her.

    Have a great week.

  2. Wow, sounds like a major project, Jake. You have way more patience than me!
    Enjoy the fall weather. I think you've earned it.