Monday, September 1, 2014

The End-of-Winter Cake

This amazing cake is from yesterday's lunch party. I has a second slice with my afternoon tea today. Bye-bye winter, hello spring.

~ A year ago today I baked some cheese puffs


  1. No fair! ;) I hope it was as good as it looks.
    And ... Happy Spring.

  2. It was delicious!

    Thanks for the Spring wishes. It actually *feels* like Spring too, which is great. Happy Fall to you?

  3. You bet...I can't wait. Cooler temps, the scent of burning leaves and that absolute perfect fall crisp air. Yummy.
    Oh and headed over the mountain to the apple orchards for hubby's apples. Not a fan myself *of any fruit really* but hubby and ds are fanatic's over all fruit. So i'll do a pie or two, a couple apple crisps and he'll be happy.