Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Bee

I'm thoroughly enjoying The Great British Sewing Bee. I have zero sewing skills myself so I'm fascinated by the techniques and creativity shown by the contestants. It's really fun to watch!

~ A year ago today I was being disturbed by a noisy truck


  1. I love to sew and I can't believe you don't sew after seeing the work your Mom did. But my Mom didn't sew and I love it. ha.
    My grandmother did and I had an aunt that could go to the dept. store see something she liked and go home and make it. Now
    that is what I call a sewer. Now me...Not so much in clothes. I don't like sewing clothes but I do like home décor sewing. I can look at something and work it out in my head and make it. It's not always perfect but it works. :D

    I'll would have loved to watch that show. I youtube lots of sewing video's.

    btw...I finally did the marathon watch of "The Killing". Loved it, hated it and loved the ending. I wish it wasn't over.
    I absolutely loved watching those two people work together. When you watch tell me what you thought.

  2. My grandmother was a great needlewomen and my mother is excellent at embroidery as well as regular sewing. But I didn't inherit the gene! I really admire anyone who can sew.
    If you're a sewer I'm certain you'd love this show. It's a BBC production - maybe you can hunt it down.
    So glad to hear you found The Killing worth the watch. I'll probably watch it sometime this summer.