Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My spring cleaning project continues. Polishing furniture, washing ornaments, wiping out cupboards, sorting shelves etc. It's very tedious but I'm trying to do a little every day. I think it's going to take another two weeks to finish. 

~ A year ago today my little kittie was waiting for my attention


  1. Me too! I did the whole first floor on Monday, yesterday I rambled for hubby's rental and today I cleared one flower bed. The
    house cleaning almost killed me, the rambling not to bad but the flower bed finished me. I can barely move. Tylenol to the rescue. The bed will be stripped tomorrow and the upstairs dusted and done.

    I also wash off the front porch and it was a sea of yellow. YUCK! The bad thing is it will be back covering everything like a nasty blanket. And I have a little birdie that's built her nest above the porch post. Her and hubby birdy make a mess of the porch so that make more cleaning. But the fuzzy little babies are so cute and will soon be grown and gone.
    I do try to catch them and stop the building but this year they were sneaky. haha. She is use to me sitting out there or sweeping but she keep and eye on me for the just in case. I was surprised today when she never moved whilst I sprayed down the porch.

    Enjoy your cleaning. I love the way a clean house feels.

  2. Yes, cleaning is such hard work! I skipped today as I was just too tired.

    Your porch was covered in pollen Jake? I hear they're calling it the Pollen Vortex. Terrible for those suffering from allergies.

    Glad to hear you enjoy the little birdies even if they make a bit of extra mess. All my family loves birds - we've always had seed tables and bird baths etc, to encourage them. Unfortunately I can't do the same - apart from the fact that I have such a tiny garden - because it just wouldn't be fair to do so while having cats. (Not that Thomas can actually move fast enough to catch a bird, but even so).

  3. The pollen covers every thing! Our cars are yellow, the porch, the house is all a nasty shade of yellow. The pollen
    count over the last couple weeks has been astronomical. The news is warning everyone of the counts. Everyone I know is suffering from allergies and the doctor offices are full. Seems every year it gets worse. Will be this way until at least the end of May or until the trees finished blooming. With spring being late it may run into June. ICK! There is no opening the windows here in the spring or every thing in the house would be covered too.
    Just where we walk into the house I have to keep dusted up or the floor would stay yellow. Tis really bad.

    This morning I had a few things to do outside and the Mommy watched from the nest and the Daddy bird watched from the back of the porch swing. If she flies down he flies up to check on the nest. They are sweet to watch even if I fuss whilst cleaning up after them. ;)