Monday, April 7, 2014


Now flowering in my garden: abelia. So pretty! 

~ A year ago today I was wasting time on the internet


  1. Beautiful! They look pinkish closed but then look lavenderish opened. I love the veining on the leaves. Lovely!

    I'm so looking forward to my Gardenia bushes/trees blooming this summer long. The scent is wonderful. I planted dwarfs bushes as the space was small and the things grew over 6' tall and are more tree like than bush. They still produce the most lovely flowers. We will be rounding out the bed in a few weeks to accommodate the growing size.

  2. Ooh, I love gardenias! One of my most favourite flowers and scents. Good luck with your garden this summer Jake.

  3. Thank You! I'm a fool for gardenias. When I was in High School hmmm....*400 years ago ;)* my favorite perfume was Gardenia. Oh how I love the scent of that perfume. I miss the 70's. *sigh*