Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My little bookshelf is choc-a-block. Either I must get rid of some books or get more shelving. 

~ A year ago today I was enjoying a cup of tea


  1. I see you have Mr. Thomas a few cat reads to keep him entertained. ;)

    How will you decide what to get rid of?
    I use to buy tons of books *I've told you before most of mine are romance/murder mysteries* but now I stick only with the few authors that actually write books worth buying and reading. If I LOVE the book it stays and if I just like the books it goes.
    I have lots of books on my Kindle/reader too but I still have to buy the book. I just love the feel of a book in my hands. I don't think I could ever go totally electronic.

  2. I agree. I mostly only use the kindle when travelling. As for what to you throw out - it's hard! I'm more likely to get another bookshelf :-)