Friday, April 11, 2014

Shades of Grey

In hot weather, like we've been having this week, the fluffy grey and white one is almost always to be found lying - or lolling - in the hollow in my driveway, catching the breeze coming in under the gate. Trixie used to lie there too.

~ A year ago today I picked up my new passport


  1. That is a beautiful cat.

    So you guys are still getting heat waves. We are getting hotter here every day. Will be 80* by tomorrow and then cooling back down after the rain at the first of the week. Our spring has been slow in coming this year but I don't mind. I dread the heat and the horrible pollen that will be here until the end of May.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. He is *such* a beautiful cat, and has the softest fur. And he is gentle and calm too. A lovely animal.

    Yes, very unusual weather for this time of year. Indian summer I guess it is, temps in the mid 30C's last couple of days. Back to low 20C next week I believe.

    Spring is my favourite time of year but agree that pollen is absolutely horrible! Hope your spring continued to be gentle.