Wednesday, August 20, 2014


My new favourite show! I'm loving everything about it but particularly this character, Molly. Allison Tolman is awesome.

~ A year ago today I was in a shopping centre


  1. I love the original movie. Although the language almost burned my ear drums. ;) This one is on my list and I've heard
    really good stuff about it. Will have to give it a try. My poor list keeps growing.
    I dropped Falling Skies...Just couldn't take it anymore. Loving The Strain. So so on The Leftovers...too weird with the white clothed non-talkers and it seems to be all over the place. The Last Ship is really good. And enjoying so far Legend w/Sean Bean. I'm running out of paper for my growing list. :D :D

    Have you watched The Killing yet? Can you believe I haven't! I can't! I just knew the minute it came on I'd drop everything and stick my nose in and not get it back out until the last episode ended. Maybe tomorrow. ha.

  2. Fargo is well worth the watch! Bump it up to to the top of your list :-)

    I also haven't watched The Killing yet. It is on my list which, like yours, is out-of-control long. At the moment I'm taking a little break from dramas and watching some Grand Designs. Soon I am going to start more Hannibal.

    I've read a bit about The Leftovers and The Strain but not sure if they're my cup of tea. Haven't heard of The Last Ship or Legend but will check them out. Two that do appeal to me (from the cast and what I've read on the internet - have seen anything yet) is The Knick and Outlander. I *love* historical stuff, and the latter also has some time-travel angle. It sounds just my thing! Have you given either of them a try?

  3. Yes! The Knick is bloody *poor patients* but good so far. And Outlander is outstanding! I love it. My aunt read the book and don't get me wrong I read anything that doesn't move but when I saw the size of that book I said, No way.
    She loved the books. So now I may have to just have to bite the bullet and read the book. :D Maybe.
    Nil on The Leftovers but give The Strain a try. A few blood sucking monsters but it's so interesting. And I just read in the TV-Guide this week that just after 3-episodes The Strain had already been renewed. Now if they don't ruin it like they did Falling Skies.

  4. Thanks for the info! Definitely looking out for The Strain, The Knick and Outlander. Maybe I'll consider the book too.