Sunday, August 24, 2014

Manor House

It was a lovely sunny afternoon... went for a stroll at one of my favourite places, Groot Constantia. Spring is so very close.

~ A year ago today I went to see the flowers


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty Miss Helen. :)

    The last couple days here have been miserable August weather. In the 90's and 1000% humidity. ;) So muggy tis hard to breathe. Each evening we've had a heat storm but it's not breaking the heat at all. Just leaves it hot and sticky. I'm so awaiting fall weather.
    I cooked out on the grill today and hubby ask me how I picked one of the hottest days of this summer to run the grill. No idea. But he liked the food so I guess the suffering was worth it. Men!

  2. I feel for you with the hot, muggy weather Jake. Hope you get some relief soon.