Monday, August 25, 2014

Skirt and Sandals

I was misled by the lovely sunshine yesterday and dressed completely inappropriately for today's weather. Was so cold I had to have the heater on under my desk all day today!

~ A year ago today I was admiring a pincushion protea ~

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  1. Oh no! You know that weather between cold and hot or hot and cold. So hard to dress for because it can be 30* or 90*. *sigh*
    We once went to a country fair over the mountains in Feb. Was suppose to be cold and I dressed accordingly but it ended up being almost 70*. I roasted.
    But I'd rather be a little chilled than hot any day. You can put clothes on to stay warm but you can't take enough off to keep cool. Unless you want to be arrested. :D

    Those little heaters are perfect for keep the toes warm. I wouldn't be without mine.

    Have a great week!