Sunday, August 10, 2014

Simon's Town Harbour

It was a beautiful weather today. Went down to Simon's Town for a swim in the sea (cold!), followed by a seafood lunch overlooking the harbour. Great day! 

~ A year ago today I had pizza for lunch


  1. Lovely view! You guys are going to turn into polar bears. ;) I see a few are still in shorts so the temps must be tolerable.
    The temps here are bouncing like a ball. One day in the 70's which is odd for August and the next in the 90's which is the norm for August. The humidity on the 90's days is at or almost 100% humidity. Melting for sure.

    On days like that if the Wicked Witch had lived here there would have been no need to melt her with water...Her skin would have just slid off. :D

  2. That high humidity is awful! August just has to be endured I expect.

    We had temps of around 24C (that's 75F) today which was very pleasant and not at all typical of this time of year. The sea temp was around 13C (55F) - chilly but definitely okay for swimming. There were quite a few people in the water. Everyone was out and about enjoying the unexpected good weather. It's not lasting though - by the middle of this week it will be raining again. Winter is not over yet.