Thursday, July 3, 2014

Old Cape Town

I love this old pic of Cape Town (found here). And snow on the face of Table Mountain! 

A year ago today I was watching a nice movie ~ 


  1. Wow! Snow and a lot has changed for that street since 1909...I bet. Nice to see power lines. ;) 1909 and no power wouldn't be for me. ha.

    Seeing the dirt road/street made me think of ds and his first encounter with dirt driveways...
    When he was about seven we went to visit hubby's family in Mississippi. They lived out in the country and almost every time we passed a house ds would ask, What is that? We finally ask him what he was asking about. He said, That dirt thing leading to the houses. We laughed so hard when we realized he meant the dirt driveways. We then lived in a subdivision and he'd only known paved roads to and from most everywhere we travelled. We still tease him about them today.

  2. Haha, that's a sweet story about the driveways!

    Yes, lots has changed on that road. It's one of the main thoroughfares up through the city. I travel on it several times a week.