Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sun Stripes

There were only a few brief breaks in the rain today, but they were very welcome.

~ A year ago today I was wearing jeans


  1. Nice pic. of your sun stripes. Hope the sun finds its way back to you soon.
    After weeks of off and on rain we've had an abundance of sunshine for the last 4-days. Hurricane Arthur sucked up the humidity for a few days and carried it up the eastern coast. For which I am so thankful. For the first time in years it was a breathable 4th. of July. And fireworks without the horrid heat evening storm. But it is on it's way back as we speak. Up to 92* by Monday and rising humidity. The south is the place to be if you don't need to breathe. ;)

  2. Wow, it sounds so uncomfortable! Does it get worse in August?

    1. Yes Ma'am it does. It is nothing to have 100% humidity and I'm in N. Georgia about 90-n. of Atlanta. Down south is worse. I can't imagine living in New Orleans in summer. I've been there in march and the humidity wasn't so bad but my sister was in Savannah, GA. this past March and the temps were already in the 90's.

      I think i'll move to England where humidity isn't allowed. :D That's what my friend from there tells me anyway.