Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Snouts in the Trough

Sometimes it feels like all I ever do is feed these little piggies.

~ A year ago today I bought some bread


  1. Haha. Sweet. Reminds me of ds's high school buddies at dinner time. Be thankful that Mr.Thomas' dinner guest doesn't weigh in at 240-lbs and can put away even the kitchen sink. :D Even though they don't look like they are doing without...must be a little kin to ds's buds. ;) Somehow I miss those days. I must be nuts.

    I think the Ghost is looking so much better since hanging out with Thomas.

  2. Yes, the little guy IS looking much better! I think it may have a little to so with the quantity and quality of food he's eating at my place, but is also the result of the fancy new flea collar and cortisone shot he received that, together, are successfully keeping his flea (?) allergy under control. He's not biting himself nearly so much any more, and is a much calmer, happier cat.
    He and Thomas are not getting on particularly well unfortunately. There have been a couple of skirmishes. He tries to play with Tom but is very rough. Tom doesn't like it and hisses. Then the claws come out and they have a little spat. If only he'd be more gentle, show some respect for his elders and learn some manners...!

  3. Yep. Sounds just like ds and his buds. haha. I've had more wrestling matches in my LR floor than I care to count. No hissing but
    I have swabbed a few scrapes. K was usually on the side lines refereeing. He was the only tall and slender one in the bunch. Still is.

    I hope they find a happy medium or Ghost may find Thomas not answering the door bell. Or a little note that says, Thomas is no longer
    excepting Ghostly visitors. Thomas is alpha in his home and Ghost will have to learn that or he could find himself run off each time he
    comes in. Oh yeah! Cats welcome...Fleas are not.