Wednesday, July 2, 2014


For a while now my car has had an intermittent problem not starting properly. Finally got it fixed today! 

~ A year ago today I was reading fan fiction


  1. That could be bad. eek. Did you ever get stuck somewhere and have to call your triple A/car service?

    My old Rav4 had a problem with the steering wheel getting stuck in the locked position. I would occasionally grab the wheel when getting in or out of the car and hear that click and panic. I spent almost an hour once trying to get it unlocked. When it was locked the ignition would turn. Was so glad when we traded it up for a new one.

  2. Cars can be so annoying! Fortunately I wasn't stranded anywhere but I reckon it would have happened sooner or later. I did spend a good twenty minutes trying to get it to start last weekend. On the umpteenth try it finally did. Problem was the intake manifold - whatever that is!