Monday, July 7, 2014


My day started with a visit from the AA. More car troubles. Back to the garage. So annoying! 

~ A year ago today my little kittie was getting cuddles ~ 


  1. Oh Miss Helen! Sorry I ask if this ever happened. I jinx your car.

    Hope it's covered on what they charged when you took it in. And they fix it this time. Nothing worse than being stranded.

  2. Haha, 'twas really bad luck!
    My car is going again, for now. Mechanic not entirely sure what caused the problem though. All very odd!

  3. My friend in England has had the same kind of problem. Her car will start fine then the next time it won't even turn over. Off and on the same thing. She's had them take it in, change the battery and piddle with every wire you can see. It still does it and they still haven't found why. Odd is the word.
    Hope your car behaves itself now.