Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pot on the Stove

Chicken and vegetable soup. Good for the soul and the body! 

~ A year ago today I was at the airport


  1. I wish I liked soup. I find it strange that hubby will not eat homemade chicken soup but allow me to open the Cambell's Chicken & Stars soup and gobble it up. The smell makes me *well you can guess*. eek.

    I bet you're having perfect soup weather. I only make hubby veggie soup/beef stew/chili and the like in cooler weather. Oh! After the last few days I'm praying for cooler weather. Can you say, HOT & MUGGY? ha.

  2. Bet you're eating salad right now, during your hot summer.

    I love cooking seasonally - soup is definitely a winter food. Come spring I'll be sick of it, and ready for salads and stir fries again.

  3. Yes! Lots of salads. Filled with veggies. And cold pasta's. Could eat veggie stir fries everyday. ;)